Join The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation Mediterranean Voyage in 2020! In collaboration with the JST and the GYC !!

We are delighted to invite you to participate in a pioneering initiative between  The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, The Gustavia Yacht Club (GYC)   and the Jubilee  Sailing Trust (JST), which seeks to provide transformative and life-enhancing  adventures to people in the UK and from countries across the Mediterranean  region.


Over a three month period, we plan to provide at least 320 individuals with the  opportunity to participate as crew during one of eight epic adventures,  connecting The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation interests in the UK, Greece,  Cyprus and Monaco, onboard SV Tenacious, one of the unique and purpose built  tall ships owned by the JST.


Hundreds more will also have the chance to  participate in a series of in-port events.

By working together, the  partners intend to make a significant difference to the lives of the people across  the Mediterranean.

Reflecting this, crew members will be of all ages, backgrounds and abilities,  including those with a wide variety of physical impairments and health  conditions, along with others facing challenges in their life – for example,  economic disadvantage, social isolation, or unemployment. They will also include  people from different nationalities and cultures.

During the time onboard, everyone will play an equal and active role as a  member of the crew. The immersive and powerful experience will push their  boundaries, ensuring participants leave their voyages with new skills, more aware of their strengths and capabilities, and with beliefs and attitudes that  strengthen character and confidence.

We  look forward to welcoming you on SV Tenacious very soon.


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