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In 1987, Stelios graduated from the LSE with a BSc in Economics (Industry and Trade). In an expression of gratitude for the rich and diverse experience LSE had to offer, Stelios donated a space in LSE’s New Academic Building in 2008. Similarly, he sponsors the 10 annual Stelios Scholars who choose LSE’s 3-year program. Every year, at least one Scholar originates from Cyprus, one from Greece, 4 from the UK and the remaining 4 from other European countries.

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All our LSE scholars to date

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Stelios’ 2019 LSE Scholars (15th Year )

      • Shelly Sandhu
      • Amy Melody
      • Gajapathy Sharanya
      • Miah Abdul
      • Mochnaki Marcin
      • Pergjini Gerti
      • Uddin Ridwan

Stelios’ 2018 LSE Scholars (13th Year)

Stelios’ 2017 LSE Scholars (12th Year)

Stelios’ 2016 LSE Scholars (11th Year)

Stelios’ 2014 LSE Scholars (10th Year)


Stelios’ 2013 LSE Scholars (9th Year)


Stelios’ 2012 LSE Scholars (8th Year)


Stelios’ 2011 LSE Scholars (7th Year)


Stelios’ 2010 LSE Scholars (6th Year)


Stelios’ 2009 LSE Scholars (5th Year)


Stelios’ 2008 LSE Scholars (4th Year)

Stelios’ 2007 LSE Scholars (3rd Year)


Stelios’ 2006 LSE Scholars (2nd Year)


Stelios’ 2005 LSE Scholars (1st Year)

LSE Scholarship News

Sir Stelios Well Done LSE Scholars

Sir Stelios: Well done LSE scholars!

Sir Stelios and the team at his Philanthropic Foundation offer our congratulations to the LSE scholars who were awarded either a first-class or upper second-class degree at the end of...

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